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Q. Dear Darren, I am quite heavy weight (104 kgs). i have strong built. My swing speed is very fast. with normal R flex 10.5 degrees driver i can hit the shot at an average of 310 yds. Which is the stiffest graphite shaft in the market which i should use so that i can control the direction (avoiding slices, draws) and increasing my distance further. Please remember i am from Pakistan where built like mine is not very common. Thanks.

Raja Manzar

A. Hi Raja, Choosing the correct shaft is often down to personal feel and preference. I would certainly recommend a stiff or extra stiff shaft as the current regular flex that you have probably isn\'t helping you get the best out of your tee shots. One thing worth remembering is that different shafts have different kick points, which basically means where the shaft bends and the best way of finding out the one for you is by trying some different options. Good luck, Darren.

Q. Dear Darren, This is not a question but yet anoither email to congratulate you on becoming the Ryder Cup Captain for 2016. You must be absolutely thrilled and we will all delight in your leadership. As someone who has excelled in this great match you are the perfect person to lead the team and I wish you all the very best luck not only at the match but between now and then in making a winning selection of players! I still remember handing you the Open Claret jug at Royal St. George\'s in 2011 and am so delighted that you have been chosen for this important and prestigious role. With best wishes Edward Demery

Edward Demery

Q. Hi Darren, Not a question but a massive congrats on being made Ryder captain from an ex royal portrush member and coleraine man living in England. I have been to the last 3 euro Ryder cups and very happy you got this as well deserved. i will now plan to fly over as a Ryder supporter to support our NI golfers for 2016. Accenture where I work will sort me out:) Still not forgotten the ticket you, Louis and your pa sorted me out with for Ambey valley golf league. Was great fun and amazing experience. Good Luck and God bless for the new role. It starts now:)

Robert Barbour

Q. Congratulations on being named the European 2016 Ryder Cup Captain. You will find the wonderful people of Minnesota much like those in your homeland. A good piece of fish, walleye preferably, a cold one, and great conversation. All the best to you this season.

Tim Tysver

Q. I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming the Rider Cup Captain. I have watched you over the years and have always been impressed. You are truly a gentleman with a kind heart and someone I would enjoy sitting down with a glass of Guinness. I wish you much success as the team leader and in all aspects of your life. God Bless you and your family

Hal Spranger

Q. Hi Darren Can I say what a great inspiration you are for someone trying to lose a bit of weight. I ve just hit my 40\'s and have decided to give exercise and diet a go. Could you give me an idea of what your daily diet and exercise might look like. Cheers

Jim black

A. Hi Jim, thanks for the mail. Good on you for deciding to make a change! I\'ve done mine through the Educogym system about which you can find information online. Basically it is no cardio, which really appealed to me, and you do a lot of weights and strength exercises. This along with cutting out alcohol and carbs and also taking supplements that were recommended to me by my trainer. I am not quite so strict now but am ever mindful of slipping! I still keep up with my training all the time. Good luck and hope it works out for you. All the best, DC.

Q. Not a question my glove you signed in Portugal will now make more money for my Cancer charity later in the year. Well done best man for the job!!

Pat Arnold

Q. Many congratulations - well deserved I hope you have a wonderful experience. I only hope I will be able to watch you

Wendy Lawson

Q. Many congrats on your appointment for 2016. Our cup is in safe hands. Patricia on behalf of The Samuel Ryder Foundation

Patricia Fulton

Q. Hi Darren just a small task ahead of you now that`s to bring back Sam no big deal ! Just two requests could you please get a cure for that rash around your chops and find a better club to support like Chelsea best of luck in 2015 i`ll be watching thanks for your time in Killarney


Q. Just to say Best Wishes for next year, as Ryder Cup Captain.

Jack Earl

Q. Hi Darren. We are all so glad to hear you are the Ryder Cup captain. You deserved it so much after your Ryder cup history and you will be the perfect person to follow up on Paul\'s success at Gleneagles. Congrats and do it for Ireland!

Calum Spicer

Q. Hi Darren! I have recently started a 3 month programme in Educogym Cork. It is great motivation to see the success you have had and continue to have...I too am partial to a pint of Guinness but your results are an inspiriation to work hard and get in shape! Cheers buddy!!

Paul Kielty

A. Great stuff Paul, keep it up and just enjoy the results! And the odd pint now and again won't hurt! Cheers, DC

Q. Hi Darren. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your commentary during a very exciting Ryder Cup 2014! Also, any chance you would reveal the details of your black and white tie and pocket hanky that your wore on the Saturday of the tournament, Alan liked them a lot!! Wendy and Alan.

Wendy Reid

A. Hi Wendy, the tie was from Ken Young in Coleraine and is from a new knitted range which I think is Hugo Boss. The hanky was a gift from my lovely wife and is Alexander McQueen! Nice to have a question on fashion for a change!! Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hello Darren!! I am originally from the isle of Skye ;-). My husband Jim and I are great fans of yours! We Clarkes have to stick together! You look wonderful and we are so very happy for you, Alison and the boys!! Stay strong!! Love and hugs, RaeRae & Jimmy Clarke

Raerae (Rynae) Clarke

A. Thanks for the message, always good to hear from more Clarkes! Cheers, DC

Q. You were a marvelous commentator during the Ryder Cup. Think you would be an fantastic Captain!! All the best to you and your family. Sam and Jacqueline Cannon

Jacqueline Cannon

Q. Just to say God bless & have been a U S fan of yours for years. You seem to be such a regular guy. So unassuming. Have enjoyed seeing you on Ryder Cup coverage. Hope to see you more. Jerry.

Jerry Day

A. Many thanks Jerry, was an enjoyable experience and with our guys coming out on top was just great! Cheers, Darren.

Q. Watching the Scottish Open and your certainly looking very fit indeed! Wishing I could do the same. Could you give us a tip or two as to what changes in diet and exercise have been most effective in becoming more fit? Thanks!

Kirt Lastinger

A. Hi Kirt, thanks for the complimentary mail! I must say I've worked pretty hard on the fitness and diet and it certainly has paid dividends! By chance I met a guy at a Pro-Am in September last year who is a trainer of the Educogym system and he suggested I give it a go! Well I did and it worked! You have to be quite controlled to do it successfully and with the system it is all weight training (no cardio), diet and supplements. Cutting out alcohol and eating plenty of lean meat, fish and vegetables. I'm proof that it works so good luck if you decide to give it a go! All the best, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, sorry 2 ask u I have trouble hitting down on my irons any tips?

Colin Clark

A. Hi Col, firstly concentrate on keeping your posture throughout the swing and not dipping your shoulders as this makes you use your hands more. A good way to practice is put your weight slightly forward on your left side like you when you chip etc. Good luck and hope it helps. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, I am originally from Northern Ireland what do you think of Royal County Down as an Irish Open course and what changes would you make to make it harder for an open?

Mark Ross

A. Hi Mark, Royal County Down is a great course and the only thing perhaps would be to grow the rough up and narrow the fairways a tad but that would be about it. Cheers, Darren.

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